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“I have been training with Thrive Method for nearly two years beginning when he was a trainer at Equinox. From my first session he was attentive, helpful, and prepared. In the more than 100 sessions I have had with him he has coached and guided me to better overall fitness including diet, mobility/flexibility, and strength.

Each individual session is customized to what I need that particular week or day based on what else I have done that week and how I am feeling.  Additionally he periodically assesses what would be best to focus on for a period of time such as several weeks. Sometimes that has been primarily mobility issues that not only improve my flexibility but also lead to me being able to increase weight in strength exercises. Though he is attentive to how I am experiencing exercises and will lower or increase weights as indicated, he also pushes me to work harder or longer than I would if I were calling the shots. This is part of effective coaching or training as I know when I work out by myself at a gym I give up too easily and then wonder why I don’t experience noticeable improvements.

Besides being a great trainer and athlete himself, Mathieu is a great person. He is thoughtful, funny, present, and giving. He does everything he can to accommodate changes in scheduling and emerging needs. I would definitely recommend Mathieu as a personal trainer to anyone looking to improve their health, fitness, and/or athletic abilities.”

Wayne W

“Thrive Method will guide you through a tough workout and push you to be the best you!

Classes with coach Sarah have pushed me to be a stronger athlete on and off the rugby pitch. All while pushing you through a physical workout – Sarah encourages members to focus on form to help prevent and treat injuries.

Hands down the best gym community that I have belonged to.  Your workout friends become more like family.”

Allie H.

“I train with Sarah & am taking the classes – and it is honestly one of the best workouts I have ever done! As an athlete that has previously suffered shoulder and ACL injuries, I have noticed increased strength and mobility in my afflicted areas. Sarah stresses proper form and quality of movement with each group of exercises. No workout is the same!

Group classes are small so that every participant can receive individual attention on correctly performing the challenging exercises. The workouts translate to my performance on the pitch as a rugby player. In just a short amount of time I have noticed improvements in my strength and endurance levels. I look forward to Fast and Strong every week and leave the gym completely exhausted yet satisfied every time!

– Michelle Y.

“I have been training with Mathieu for 6 months. He is one of the best trainers out there! Mathieu is extremely professional and very experienced; he plays for the USA national rugby team when he’s not working as a personal trainer, so he’s extremely fit himself.  He brings his experience as a professional athlete to help design just the right workout for you, and he has the knowledge to consult you on whatever else you may need, whether it’s massage, diet & nutrition, etc.”

Nathan L