Basic Guide to Mobility

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Mobility is not a new concept when it comes to movement, however, it is a new fad word that has been humming in the fitness world that we’re hoping sticks! At Thrive Method Training, we believe in using mobility as a precursor to move through life in a healthy manner.  A mobility program allows you to see if there are restrictions within your joints or spine and address them before you get into a weight bearing program or simply go about your day!

WHAT IS MOBILITY? – It is our ability to move each joint through its true end range of motion (ex. the ability to bring your arm overhead-shoulder extension without pain/restriction) Creating your true end range of motion will allow you to LIVE comfortably within your you own body.

SO! Are you asking the question of where to start?! We got you! Start with a daily check in with each joint – this will be your first step toward relieving pain & discomfort and becoming a more efficient mover:

ANKLES – dorsiflexion/plantar flexion, Circles or ABC’s

KNEES – Flexion/Extension, Circles

HIPS – internal/external rotation, flexion/extension

SPINE – Extension/Flexion/Rotation

SHOULDER – internal/external rotation, flexion/extension

The way we see it is we are all given one body and individually we have to live in it every damn day, how we take care of it is reflected back into the world.

Looking to learn more about how mobility can change your life? Reach out to us: contact@thrivemethodlife.com

Another precursor to moving well is breathing well! Check out: Breathing Techniques.


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Sarah is a life enthusiast, health coach, movement & mobility coach and really focuses on the bad-assery that women possess! Sarah is from Naples, ME, a small town in the southwestern part of the state. Her passion is to help as many people live their optimum life (cause after all what are we here for if we aren't LIVING!) by improving their mental, physical & overall being capabilities. In recent years she has focused more on female nutrition, strength training and the miracle that is pre/post natal health. (If you're looking for Certs: NASM, FitforBirth Pre/Post Natal CES, FRC Certified & Precision Nutrition Nutritionist, Kettlebell Certified & Certified in experiencing a kick-ass healthy life to show others how to do the same).

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