Eat Seasonal Fruits & Veggies, Here’s Why…

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Ever notice when the leaves start to change and the chill starts to come through the air you start craving warm soups, apple-flavored treats, root-veggies like squash & pumpkin?! Listen to your “gut instinct” and here a couple reasons to eat seasonal all throughout the year:

COST:  It’s cheaper! If a vegetable or fruit is in peak season than it is also at peak production for farmers which means lower costs at the grocery store.  How many times have you used the excuse that buying organic or eating healthy is too expense – see that as an immediate budget hack!

QUALITY:  It’s better for you! During peak season the produce is harvested, picked and put into stores then right to your plate.  Often times produce will lose its nutritional value in transit because it is exposed to environmental toxins and can spoil.  Plus fresher fruits & veggies well, they just TASTE better!

VARIETY: You try new produce & learn new recipes!  The age of Pinterest, Instagram etc. allows us to search how to cook ANYTHING and make it look real good while we’re doing it.

Eating seasonally can put a spin on your grocery list, lower the bill, improve the quality of product your consuming and encouraging you to learn a new skill.


  1. Helpful website to let you know what is in season in your neck of the woods –
  2. If you really like a fruit or vegetable buy it seasonally in bulk and freeze it to enjoy the whole year!
  3. Checkout @thrivemethod on Instagram for the Butternut Squash Kale Salad recipe!



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