A Guide to Grocery Shopping

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When it comes to health and healing, the number one priority is nutrition.  What we consume can either inflame our bodies or encourage healthy digestion – it is & it can be that simple. Each meal can inhibit our mood, our confidence, and our physical abilities but it can also help to prevent heart disease, cancer and other inflammatory conditions.

BOOM – That’s a lot of responsibility to eat the right thing! Don’t worry we have your back – while we recognize that nutritional habits are the hardest to change we want to simplify for you: learn the facts here & know what to do with them.

Let’s start at THE GROCERY STORE; it’s the first place that nutritional decisions are made.

Here are your guidelines for next time you stock up:


  • Buy Organic Fruits & Vegetables (fresh or frozen)
  • Buy Wild-Caught Fish
  • Buy Grass-Fed Meat
  • Buy Pasture-Raised Chicken and/or Eggs
  • Buy Grass-Fed Butter
  • Buy Organic Coconut Oil
  • Buy Organic Olive Oil
  • Buy Glass-Bottled Water
  • Buy Organic & Raw Nuts
  • Buy Organic Spices & Herbs
  • Buy Raw Cheeses or Goat & Feta
  • Buy Raw Milk or Milk Alternatives w/no additives or sugar
  • Buy Organic Superfoods: Cacao, Maca, Chia Seeds, Spirulina etc.
  • Buy Organic Tea & Coffee
  • Buy Organic Wines (Organic Dry Wines if possible)
  • Buy Only Packaged Products that you know EVERY ingredient

Trust us on this one, we’ve spent the time to sort through the massive amount of marketing and sales bullshit out there that advertisers put on their products to make them sound healthy.  While we didn’t list every category the above list addresses the majority of what we should be consuming.  Once you get all this home your question may be “what the F do I do now?” other than freeze what meat/fish/chicken you aren’t using and putting everything else away here is your challenge.

CHALLENGE: Create meals/snacks with just those ingredients. With all the internet has to offer plus your Instagram & Pinterest page there is a vast amount of recipes or ideas available at your fingertips. If you get stuck – reach out to THRIVE – we got your back!

TIP #1: Don’t see some of your favorite foods or products on the list? It’s because they weren’t mean to be eaten and will most-likely cause your gut to inflame.  We suggest going by the list above and if it feels too constricted add ONE of your favorite snacks that wouldn’t be on it.

TIP #2: While searching for recipes & ideas add “paleo” or “keto” to your search. While we don’t follow or encourage either diet they tend to be most in-line with our nutritional guidelines and offer killer recipes.

Thanks for reading! If you have ANY questions please send us an email HERE.

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