Freedom to Change

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We often forget that we’re responsible for exactly where we are in life – Yup all those decisions that are made lead us to here.  Yes, there are detours and obstacles that we have experienced that have brought us to where we currently sit, however, moving forward we can make choices that veer us in an improved direction.  FREEDOM is what comes to mind when I reflect it back to my own circumstance, it actually was the first word that “appeared” for my yoga practice intention (it’s this question our teacher asks us in the beginning of each class – a question I used to ignore cause I just wanted to stretch. ha) – I’m just now realizing the power the word freedom can possess…

Freedom is where your days aren’t weighed down by over-thinking; when you act exactly how you want with respect & consideration for others; when you do the things you love to do; when you are productive; when you consciously chose the food you eat, the job you work, the people you spend your time with and most of all when you are truly happy.  This is where life-responsibility steps in, we all have to discover what makes us truly happy and never stop doing those things that create this consistent happiness.  (I TOTALLY know everyday can not simply be this free but we surely can strive for 80-90%!).

Part of what holds us back is our “inner language” to ourselves – we all have the ability to improve this; the vocabulary that cycles through our everyday can either be progressive or destructive.  I dunno I’ll choose progressive – how about you?  Progressive inner language so we can thrive at the life we’re given by advancing a little bit every day and begin the search for that freedom to do and be exactly what we want.  While I recognize this an on-going journey, it is a hell of a lot more enjoyable if we feel like were able to keep up.

Just some questions that will progress our behaviors as well as our inner communication & build our freedom:

  • What do you want to change in your life? Write it out – the visual makes it real.
    • Believe that you can leave that job and will eventually make money; stop drinking that soda and get pass the withdrawals; Get up in the morning to exercise and have more energy for it etc.
  • What do you LOVE to do but rarely do it? Make a point to do it once a week.
    • If you love to hike then hike once a week, this will take the place of something not as important and replace it with something vital to your health.
  • What are you good at? This could be a lot of things!
    • Start doing more of what you’re good at and those destructive thoughts may start fading away naturally.
  • How can you step outside your comfort zone?  Ah the old if you aren’t challenged then you won’t grow is SO true = progressive!
    • See how often you can step outside your comfort zone so you can create the ability to do it more often.

To be truly free we all need to take care of the things that fuel us and not give a damn about what others think as we progress.


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Sarah is a life enthusiast, health coach, movement & mobility coach and really focuses on the bad-assery that women possess! Sarah is from Naples, ME, a small town in the southwestern part of the state. Her passion is to help as many people live their optimum life (cause after all what are we here for if we aren't LIVING!) by improving their mental, physical & overall being capabilities. In recent years she has focused more on female nutrition, strength training and the miracle that is pre/post natal health. (If you're looking for Certs: NASM, FitforBirth Pre/Post Natal CES, FRC Certified & Precision Nutrition Nutritionist, Kettlebell Certified & Certified in experiencing a kick-ass healthy life to show others how to do the same).

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