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Saturdays have become a day for me  – Monday to Friday I wake up between 4-4:30am and spend my days devoted to my clients – so over the years I’ve realized just how important it is to give that day to myself to do exactly what I enjoy for this present moment, alone.  I would encourage anyone to do this!  Find a DAY ONCE A WEEK that you can actually do the things enjoy the most and what feeds your soul.  See the past 17 years I devoted my Saturdays to Rugby; rugby matches, socials, club events, drinking and whatever else made the rugby world go round.  While this was for myself it was another obligation and eventually became too demanding – on my body, my schedule, my wallet, my mind and my health so with a nudge from life I happily “retired” last year.

Rugby has now been replaced with Yoga taught by the lovely Annmarie at our own Yoga Desa in Topanga followed by a trail run with no expectation of speed only a destination.  The destination is this incredible red rock that I can meditate and soak up some rays – I know, I know how California of me but I couldn’t be happier, healthier and more clear-minded during and after THIS IS DONE**.  With all of that positive energy I get to enjoy the rest of the day with my husband and whoever else crossed our path in the depths of the canyon.

While I acknowledge the two parallel differences between rugby and yoga/meditation they have both served a purpose in my life and I am thankful for what both have brought to my life.  If you haven’t ever been involved with rugby let me say this – the people that play this wonderful game are so passionate about the community as well as the sport.  They throw their bodies on the line to play with 14 other players aiming for one common goal, then they throw their livers on the line to drink with about 100 other people including the opposing team.  My truest friends and experiences have come from this sport and I wouldn’t have it any other way!

We are inevitably moving forward at what seems like a rapid pace, my hope is that we all continue to PROGRESS into our future selves – intentionally taking timeout to spend time with ourselves, I believe, is a vital step in this process. After all if we don’t enjoy our own company (and clear out the thoughts in our heads) who will?!RmkwTDQoSgmHxjd+5oG+Sg

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Sarah is a life enthusiast, health coach, movement & mobility coach and really focuses on the bad-assery that women possess! Sarah is from Naples, ME, a small town in the southwestern part of the state. Her passion is to help as many people live their optimum life (cause after all what are we here for if we aren't LIVING!) by improving their mental, physical & overall being capabilities. In recent years she has focused more on female nutrition, strength training and the miracle that is pre/post natal health. (If you're looking for Certs: NASM, FitforBirth Pre/Post Natal CES, FRC Certified & Precision Nutrition Nutritionist, Kettlebell Certified & Certified in experiencing a kick-ass healthy life to show others how to do the same).

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