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THAT is a photo of a fatty grass-fed, grass finished rib eye steak that we enjoy EVERY Friday for dinner.  Ask me or my husband – Fridays meal is worth waiting the whole eweek for – it leaves us full, feeling healthy and full of energy. (photo credit: my handsome hubby who has a knack for Putting making everything picture perfect…)

All this hype about FAT has been going on for years, there is valuable nutrition information that has been dragged through the good vs bad gauntlet so often it leaves us not knowing what to put on our plates.  [There is even the argument that the low-fat era left the US larger and more un-healthy than ever but I’ll get into that some other time. (http://www.cnn.com/2016/10/05/opinions/debate-low-fat-diet-ludwig/index.html).]

Like most foods there are good and bad fats – and most of the bad ones are manmade;  “manmade” in a lab but also in the practices that we use to raise meat/chickens/fish etc. Those bad fats you’ll want to avoid completely and this will be easier to do once you add the good/nutritional fats to your diet.  These “nutritional fats” (stable, healthy-enhancing saturated and monounsaturated fats) are vital to thrive and I assure you that adding it to your diet will change your life. (<— There are many that will attest to this really changing their daily lives – myself included!)

What I can tell you through the research I’ve done and my own nutrition journey is this:

  • Eating nutritional fats will NOT make you fat…and they taste damn good!
  • Eating nutritional fats stabilizes our hunger, hormones and mood (I immediately notice a fluctuation in mood/self-confidence when there is less fat in my daily nutrition)
  • Eating nutritional fats will lessen the amount of processed unhealthy foods you consume (Simply because they’re so filling you won’t be hungry enough to grab for something else).
  • Eating nutritional fats WITH vegetables and protein will provide a balanced, healthy lifelong diet for longevity.
  • Eating nutritional fats will help to prevent cellulite & wrinkles – no joke.
  • Eating these specific nutritional fats will provide ALL the benefits above :
    • Avocados, butter, coconut, coconut oil, egg yolks, (red)meat, olives, olive oil, salmon and nuts

And where does one get these delicious fats?

  1. Avocados – Living in California we are definitely spoiled with our access to this great fruit, however, most grocery stores have them and good news you don’t have to buy them organic if you want to save a little bank.
  2. Coconut Oil – I order it by the gallon… not kidding at https://nutiva.com.  Go for the unrefined/virgin
  3. Egg Yolks – Ughhh it’s amazing how many marketing labels are out there to make you believe their eggs are healthy.  Two things you cannot compromise on: Organic & Free Range and if possible buy them from a local farmer.
  4. Olives/Olive Oil – Choose Organic Olives or Olive Oil every time this has a great benefit when used as dressing but don’t cook with it.
  5. Meat! (my favorite source) – We order our meats in bulk from: https://grasslandbeef.com – they have grass-fed and grass-finished products ONLY.  This practice actually makes sure we aren’t consuming nasty (cancer causing) growth hormones or antibiotics from the animals OR pesticides & artificial irrigation and are good for our planet.
  6. Butter – KerryGold Butter all the way! I use it to cook with, in recipes, in my coffee sometimes even!
  7. Salmon – Might break the bank but you absolutely need to go wild-caught.
  8. Nuts – Go Organic!


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