Advocating for us all to be a little Yogi-ish….

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The statement that “yoga is for everyone” is one that has been a topic of discussion for a long time throughout my profession – it actually came up in a convo today.  I have stood as an advocate for many years and as my practice has improved drastically over the last couple of years, I encourage everyone to add a yoga practice to their lives every week.  Important to note these TWO things:

  1. My practice has improved mainly due to my mind & body connection using my breath which allowed deeper access to my true self.
  2. I never believed this was a possibility or even a real thing until I found my own interpretation of Yoga and pushed through the thoughts that were holding me back.

Yoga is not the postures that we hold in class it is actually the ability to find our individual path to higher self-realization, the postures (Asanas) are just one of the ways that we can work to find that mind-body connection.

The first yoga class I took was a Bikram Yoga class in Portland, ME, – my friend brought me along with the instruction to stay in the room even if it meant lying on my back to recover.  I have to be honest, I looked around the room and my 24-year old self thought “pshh it’s just a bunch of hippies that are embracing this strange zen-thing that that is bullshit”.  I finished the 90 minute class without leaving the room and left the experience with more clarity and peace than I had felt in a while. That feeling was euphoric but I wasn’t sure why…flash forward a good 10plus years later and I’m able to produce that euphoric feeling EVERY practice.   Yoga continues to keep me present all throughout my day, demands conscious breath and provides both internal and external growth.

Rewind back to when I was playing rugby and had quite a few nagging tight places in my body that were close to injury status…My interpretation of yoga at that time was sweaty stretching but not anywhere close to that deep self-realization shiznit.   My life was chaotic at best, my nutrition was sub-par and most of all my thoughts were taking over my life; almost holding me back from doing the things I really wanted to do.  I realize it now and see it constantly in other people – we are injured (in a physical sense) or discontent because of a deeper toxic part of our life that we haven’t addressed.  I’ve found its not usually just one thing but many that build up to create injury – emotional or physical – and when people practice (TRUE) yoga they tend to be more peaceful beings. Soooo turns out the hippies embracing this real zen-life is truly an amazing thing!

Going into a yoga class (typically Bikram** because those are the postures I choose to work through) I no longer have expectations allowing the practice be whatever it will be; I arrive early for class to decompress with breath and above all I move through my body and my breath rather than fighting against it.  We all have internal work that no one else can see and if we don’t address it than it will expresses itself through anger, depression, injury or maybe weight gain – the beauty of this all is that it’s reversible and yoga just may be the key in unlocking a deeper understanding of self — (That whole self-realization thing I mentioned earlier).

**I have gone to Bikram Yoga for 15+ years and suggest it for the more experienced yogi.  Any novice I always encourage a beginner yoga class where breath and small movements are the fous.


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