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Holidays and over-indulging sort of go hand-in-hand (Ditch the Sugar) for some reason when we get around family the food is endless and our consumption of it reflects just this – endless consumption.  This leads us searching for ways to feel better and start the year anew.  I’m here to tell ya that through the years I’ve learned to understand how our bodies are meant to detox NATURALLY IF AND ONLY IF we listen and encourage it

Soooo you might of heard of this thing called your “detox pathways”  – it’s a real thing but has become a trendy and marketing ploy that takes every shape and form (juice cleansing, 30 day challenges etc.). Our bodies are meant to de-toxify naturally (through our skin, bowels, urine, eyes, nose, ears lymphatic system, liver, spleen, kidneys & colon) we just rarely give it a chance because we constantly are putting things into it to try and outsource into an already toxic environment.

What I’ve learned over time is not to F with the system – if all the pathways listed above aren’t functioning properly than we shouldn’t pile more for it to do.  LESS IS MORE is probably the simplest way I can put it for you.  Our bodies are working over-time day to day just to digest the food we eat, to walk from place to place, converse with others, manage our stress levels and so much more so why not give it a break?

First off, there are many symptoms of a toxic system (I’ll just use “system” to cover all the scientific breakdown of this shiznit because its easier to get to the point).  Take a moment, be present and see if any of these are apparent in your current life:

  • Extra LBS
  • Acne
  • Constipation or diarrhea
  • Fatigue
  • Abdominal Pain
  • Depression
  • Hormonal Imbalance
  • Insomnia
  • Gas & Bloating
  • Congestion

These are just to name a few and yes they are all caused mainly by something internal not external so you have to address the system issues before you reach for a medication or cleanse.  If these symptoms are something you experience (I have experienced ALL of them!) there are three simple & natural ways to start clearing a pathway to weight loss, acne free skin, more energy  and all the other good things.  Here is what kick starts it for me:

    • Ya it’s that important and really how our body functions on , after all, the adult body is typically made up of 50-60% water. Aim to drink a gallon a day – sounds aggressive but I put this as a marker because most people don’t realize just how much we need especially when your trying to move toxins out. (All of the above symptoms will start to diminish the more consistent you are with this).
  • FAST!
    • Ya I know its another trendy-thing but it’s a vital one when it comes to giving your body the time to recover.  As a society we are taught to eat – eat breakfast, eat snacks, eat lunch, eat more snacks, eat dinner than maybe eat again.  Question for you – are you actually hungry? Fasting allows your body to stop working over-time to break down the meals you had yesterday and allows it to just focus on what you have stored. (In my head I picture Mums delicious fudge clinging to my love handles – I tend to get those around this time of year – and my system efficiently breaking down the nutrients and “discarding” what it doesn’t need).
    • That whole meditation thing is really a fantastic movement and not just for the hippy/yoga soul, however, we each have to find a technique that works for us on an individual basis.  The easiest way to start developing your own way to meditate through breath is to set aside the time-prioritize it.  I started simple – 10 min lying flat on my back, eyes close and present breathing – that’s it. The challenge is staying present for that whole time – you better believe the first couple of times I was present (not running around in my head) for a total of 30 seconds… we are overstimulated and so self-critical these days that we forget to just EXIST.



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