Health Pillars of Change for 2018…

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The deeper I get into researching the more I realize how hard it is for anyone to decipher what is good or bad for us in the realm of nutrition and workouts (particularly in the US).  There is an over abundance of information out there and even more disappointing is the amount of BAD information out there that we have to sort through to be in optimal health.  To me, I live and love sharing the healthy lifestyle that I do and in addition to that I want to share it with others.  My (healthy) obsession with getting the right information out there has become the very direction that I want to take my career and couldn’t be happier about having that new focus for 2018.

The best thing that we can do for ourselves and others is to start taking care of ourselves.  Here are the pillars I believe exist in a healthy, holistic life – simply from years of experiencing the ups and downs:

  • Nutritional Changes: What you consume can either inflame your body or encourage healthy digestion which in turn will effect your mood, confidence, physical abilities and so much more.  Our relationship with food has been challenged by the amount of processed food available out there and I sure has hell have experienced the ups and downs of dieting.  You have to take intuitive and make an effort to take on a healthy nutrition plan for LIFE not a temporary fix.
  • Take Responsibility: YOU are literally the ONLY one responsible for YOUR health. The sooner I realized that the harder things got but it also EMPOWERED me to make the changes necessary and accept the never-ending journey life is meant to be.  The choices you have made is what put you where you are now which means the choices you make now will determine where you are in the future.
  • Self-Care: Following up on the stresses of self-responsibility is taking care of yourself and F-it if people think you are selfish with this pillar.  I am still in the process of accepting peoples judgment on the self-care I prioritize for myself and know Ill be stronger the more I accept it’ll always be there.  This includes prioritizing my nutrition, workouts, meditation, massages, acupuncture, supplements etc.
  • Movement:  You gotta move it or your gonna loose it! Humans were meant to move and instead we have become more static than our ancestors ever were.  Daily movements are necessary for us to be able to move for a lifetime. Absolutely no excuses here – I know many people who suffer from pain on a regular because they don’t move which is why I understand the lack of desire to move, however, it is EXACTLY what you need.
  • Love: Above all LOVE what you do on a daily basis and while I realize this is a very broad pillar to follow, it is an individual one that is so necessarily for progressing in life.  I see this as such a priority when it comes to daily nutrition, responsibilities, self-care and movement.  (See how that came full circle ;))….

I continue to realize just how hard it is to make the changes for myself and I have access to the best nutritional and health information out there, that being said deciphering this for others is my goal for 2018.  The more changes we make for ourselves on an individual basis I truly believe will cause a national movement of change. The truly inspiring & amazing Maya Angelou once said:





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Sarah is a life enthusiast, health coach, movement & mobility coach and really focuses on the bad-assery that women possess! Sarah is from Naples, ME, a small town in the southwestern part of the state. Her passion is to help as many people live their optimum life (cause after all what are we here for if we aren't LIVING!) by improving their mental, physical & overall being capabilities. In recent years she has focused more on female nutrition, strength training and the miracle that is pre/post natal health. (If you're looking for Certs: NASM, FitforBirth Pre/Post Natal CES, FRC Certified & Precision Nutrition Nutritionist, Kettlebell Certified & Certified in experiencing a kick-ass healthy life to show others how to do the same).

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