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As I was running my (almost) monthly 5k race this morning I hit a pretty rough spot that I had to push through.  My body started breaking down – first my shoulders started creeping up to my ears causing stress into my neck then my wonky left hip started to do that thing where it aches and sends shooting pains every step I take. Even though these are familiar struggles that I’ve hit in the past, they were different this time because of the new direction it pointed me in.  I chose not to listen to my music this time and it’s something I’ve been playing with for the last couple training runs.  I can be more present and actually observe what is happening throughout the body and most importantly, I can hear my breath.  I truly believe that we can breath through most challenges in our lives – physical or mental.  Allowing my breath to be my main focus  for the duration of the run made the pain in my neck and hip both cease after I began long breaths in and out sending each one to the locked up places in my body.  The finish time wasn’t exactly what I was hoping for –  I aim to beat my previous race times – but I made a change in my approach to running which will benefit the future races.  Only competing with myself and my previous times allows me to be in that competitive environment, be inspired by others but not focus on the others running the race who could completely destroy my times.  Without the music I was forced to dig deeper into what was slowing my mental and physical capabilities, therefore, sending out the positive energy to the rest of the participants…OH and I always attempt to keep a smile on my face as I run because it was once (ever so kindly) pointed out to me that I have a bitch-face when I workout, the smile is usually returned by others with a smile.

Finishing that race, however small it may seem of a feat, with dignity is the most rewarding moment of the morning.  Or so I think…. until I get the best compliment I believe I can receive.  After mindfully walking to Bulletproof, one of the female workers shared how great my energy is everytime I go in and it was something she aspired to project. Above any compliment I think I have received someone observing that I have an (positive) energy  is by far the greatest reassurance that I am sending out the vibe I want to receive.  This is one of many that I have had people say that and to me it is worth a mention that this is genuine… “Our energy introduces us before we even speak…” – Unknown

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Sarah is a life enthusiast, health coach, movement & mobility coach and really focuses on the bad-assery that women possess! Sarah is from Naples, ME, a small town in the southwestern part of the state. Her passion is to help as many people live their optimum life (cause after all what are we here for if we aren't LIVING!) by improving their mental, physical & overall being capabilities. In recent years she has focused more on female nutrition, strength training and the miracle that is pre/post natal health. (If you're looking for Certs: NASM, FitforBirth Pre/Post Natal CES, FRC Certified & Precision Nutrition Nutritionist, Kettlebell Certified & Certified in experiencing a kick-ass healthy life to show others how to do the same).

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